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Warm weather, hot heart

times   2017-08-01

  When the song is started, our Kingguand team sings together,'Unity is power, unity is power. The power is iron, the power is steel...'
In the end of the song, we applaud and sit down.
  Our boss goes to the stage and say,'Every brothers and sisters, today, we play a funny game. If someone could answer what it is, you could take awards!' And then showing a metal label, many of staffs hands up and grab the microphone. A girl with long black hair take microphone and say,' This is wine label.' 'No, no, no! You are wrong.' They are laughing. Because it is bike sticker. The game is going on.

  Eventually, group three wins the game. Their hands hold together and say thier slogan,‘Never say failure! We are the best team!’ Our boss give them awards. They jumping happily.
  Whatever the weather is hot, the sun is shiny, our Kingguand team never give up. Not only are we the team , we are also family. Getting together, making our factory better and better!

perfum label